Affiliate Program for Bloggers

AniLocus is a family-owned and operated company that has designed and built mazes for over 30 years. In 2019, we wanted to share our passion for research with the world using our custom built mazes, apparatuses, and scientific equipment for preclinical and behavioral neuroscience research.

Our affiliate partners are students, academics, educators, and industry members within the scientific community. We work together by raising awareness about preclinical and biomedical research.

As an Affiliate of AniLocus, you can earn a commission as a science blogger with sale conversions earning upwards of $1,500.00 per month depending on the number of completed sales. Read the following information and complete the application form below if you are interested in learning more and earning more as an Affiliate of AniLocus.

Highlights of the Affiliate Program for Bloggers

  • 15% commission on new customer purchases
  • 10% commission on return customer purchases
  • A platform to engage with research opportunities in preclinical and behavioral neuroscience research
  • Opportunity to cultivate a relationship with a company that provides mazes, apparatuses, and equipment for neuroscience research.

Benefits & Eligibility

  • Association with AniLocus
  • Identified and listed on the AniLocus website
  • Collaboration with AniLocus leadership, other affiliates, and partners
  • Ability to publish or distribute qualified topical reviews and product reviews
  • Receive invitations to attend and/or participate in AniLocus conferences and events
  • Opportunities to propose to or develop research topics with our partners when appropriate

Anyone is eligible to participate unless they are residents of the following states:

  • Arkansas (AR)
  • Arizona (AZ)
  • Connecticut (CT)
  • Hawaii (HI)
  • Maine (ME)
  • Minnesota (MN)
  • Missouri (MO)
  • Nevada (NV)
  • New Mexico (NM)
  • Vermont (VT)

Unfortunately, due to Affiliate Nexus Laws we cannot work with affiliates who reside within the following states: Arkansas (AR), Arizona (AZ), Connecticut (CT), Hawaii (HI), Maine (ME), Minnesota (MN), Missouri (MO), Nevada (NV), New Mexico (NM) or Vermont (VT).

Payout & Schedule of Payments

Affiliates are eligible for payout once their accrued revenue balance reaches $100. If you do not make over $100 in a given month, the amount made will continue rolling over to the next month until the minimum threshold is met.

Our standard monthly payouts will be distributed within 15 days from the end of the month. For example, revenue earned during the month of April that exceeds the minimum threshold of $100 USD would be paid out on or before May 15th. Please refer to this page for more details.

  • Here are the payout methods we support. Before deciding, we advise considering all the options available as processing time and fees can vary. We have noted preferable (i.e. typically a lower cost for you) methods below.
  • ACH (preferable) deposits your payout directly into your bank account within 1-4 days, making it one of the fastest methods. It is available for US residents only.
  • PayPal is available and is the same process as before.
  • Checks are available. This traditional method usually takes the longest to reach you.
  • Wire Transfers are available and you will usually incur an extra fee by your bank. In the case of international wires, there is often an additional fee if the payout must be converted to your local currency. The wait time to receive a wire payout depends on the Affiliates bank.
  • Peer-to-Peer Payments: CashApp, Venmo, or Zelle are also available and allow for instant or 1-3 business day transfer directly to your bank account.

Affiliate Application Form

    Applicant Information

    Educational Background

    Promotional Methods

    As a Centre Scientific affiliate, you have the opportunity to promote the sale of products offered within our company and earn a 10-15% commission on all sales according to our payout schedule. What methods will you use to promote the sale of Centre Scientific products?

    Primary Promotional Method:

    Secondary Promotional Method(s): (Select more than one)

    Writing Sample

    Please provide a writing sample following these instructions:

    • Word Count: 600 words
    • Topic: Any topic of interest in biomedical, pharmaceutical, or preclinical research
    • Articles/Manuscripts: At least three (3) peer-reviewed articles/manuscripts
    • Image(s): At least one image with credit given to the source of the image
    • File format: Attach your writing samples in the form of a ".doc, .docx, or .pdf"