Discover precision histology services at our AniLocus. We offer expert histopathology solutions for your research. We excel in tissue analysis, helping you unveil cellular secrets and disease insights. Our experienced team, cutting-edge equipment, and streamlined protocols ensure accurate, timely results. Whether you’re in preclinical studies, drug development, or basic research, our histology services elevate your work. Contact us to unravel the intricacies of tissue structure and pathology.

ServiceDescriptionEstimated Cost RangeFixative RequirementsApproximate Assay Time
Tissue SectioningThin tissue section preparation$150 per sample10% Neutral Buffered Formalin1-3 business days
Special StainsStains for specific tissue components$200 per stain10% Neutral Buffered Formalin2-5 business days
Immunofluorescence StainingFluorescent labeling of specific proteins$250 per slideFormaldehyde-based fixative1-2 business days
CryosectioningFrozen tissue section preparation$175 per blockNone (frozen samples)1-3 business days
H&E StainingHematoxylin and eosin staining$50 per slide10% Neutral Buffered Formalin1-2 business days
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)Detection of specific antigens$300 per slideFormaldehyde-based fixative2-4 business days
Frozen SectioningCutting frozen tissue sections$175 per blockNone (frozen samples)1-2 business days
Image AnalysisQuantitative analysis of stained slides$200 per slide/imageNoneVaries based on analysis
RNA ScopeVisualization of RNA moleculesVaries10% Neutral Buffered Formalin2-5 business days
Laser MicrodissectionIsolation of specific tissue regions$500 per sample10% Neutral Buffered Formalin2-4 business days
Brightfield ImagingStandard microscopy imaging$100 per slide/imageNoneVaries based on analysis
Fluorescence ImagingFluorescent microscopy imaging$150 per slide/imageNoneVaries based on analysis
Serial SectioningMultiple sections from a single block$300 per block10% Neutral Buffered Formalin1-3 business days
*The exact cost and timeframes can vary and are subject to change at anytime.

Contact us to learn more about our histology CRO services:

    Special Stains

    ServiceDescriptionHistopathologyEstimated Cost RangeApproximate Results Turnaround Time
    Oil Red O StainDetection of lipids in tissuesLipid droplets in liver or adipose tissue$75 – $150 per slide2-3 business days
    Wright-Giemsa StainHematology staining for blood cell differentiationBlood cell morphology assessment$75 – $150 per slide2-3 business days
    Silver StainingDetection of reticulin fibersNucleolar structures in various tissues$75 – $200 per slide2-4 business days
    Acid Fast Ziehl-NeelsenDetection of MycobacteriaNucleolar structures in various tissues$20-$50 per slide1-2 business days
    Alcian BlueStains acidic mucosubstances in histologyMucin detection in various tissues$15 to $40 per slide1-2 business days
    Congo Red Stains amyloid deposits in histologyAmyloid deposits in multiple organs$20 to $60 per slide1-2 business days
    Giemsa StainStain highlights cell nuclei and blood smearsBlood cell morphology assessment$10 to $30 per slide1-2 business days
    Gram-Brown HoppsStains bacteriaBacterial presence in various tissues$15 to $40 per slide1-2 business days
    Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS) StainDetection of glycogen, mucin, and fungal organismsMucin and glycogen detection$15 to $40 per slide1-2 business days
    Perls Prussian BlueDetects iron depositsIron content assessment in various tissues$20 to $60 per slide1-2 business days
    Toluidine BlueDetects mast cells and acidic mucosubstancesMast cell detection in multiple tissues$15 to $40 per slide1-2 business days
    Trichrome Masson’sCollagen and muscle fiber stainingFibrous/fibrotic tissue$15 to $40 per slide1-2 business days
    Von-Kossa Detects calcium depositsBone$20 to $60 per slide1-2 business days
    Halls BilirubinDetects bilirubinLiver$15 to $40 per slide1-2 business days
    Rubeanic AcidDetects copperLiver tissue (Wilson’s disease)$20 to $60 per slide1-2 business days
    Feulgen reactionStains DNA for cytogenetic analysisDNA content and integrity$15 to $40 per slide1-2 business days
    GMS Gomori Methenamine SilverDetects fungal organismsValidating fungal infections in tissue$20 to $60 per slide1-2 business days
    LFB/PAS StainDetects myelin and mucosubstancesvalidating demyelination in central nervous system tissue; Multiple Sclerosis$15 to $40 per slide1-2 business days
    MucicarmineDetects mucinMucin-producing tumor tissue; Gastrointestinal and pancreatic cancer$20 to $60 per slide1-2 business days
    PAS/Alcian BlueDetects mucosubstances and glycogenCancer and glycogen storage disease studies$20 to $60 per slid1-2 business days
    Phosphotungstic acid haematoxylin (PTAH)Stains muscle and collagenNeuromuscular disorder and fibrosis studies$20 to $60 per slide1-2 business days
    Reticulin Stain GomoriStain highlights reticular fibersLiver and lymph node assessments$20 to $60 per slide1-2 business days
    Steiner ModifiedDetects Legionella bacteriaLegionella infections in lung tissue; Legionnaires’ disease$20 to $60 per slide1-2 business days
    Warthin StarryDetects spirochetes and bacteriaValidating spirochetal infections; Borrelia$20 to $60 per slide1-2 business days
    *The exact cost and timeframes can vary and are subject to change at anytime.

    Special Notice for Tissue Submission: Important Shipping Guidelines

    Thank you for choosing AniLocus for your histology needs. To ensure the safe and efficient processing of your tissue specimens, please keep the following important guidelines in mind when shipping your samples to our laboratory:

    1. Proper Fixation: Ensure that your tissue specimens are properly fixed in an appropriate fixative solution before shipping. Proper fixation is crucial for preserving tissue integrity and cellular morphology. We recommend a volume:volume ratio of 15:1 to 20:1 for fixative to tissue. Tissue can be submerged in 4% paraformaldehyde/10% normal buffered formalin for no longer than 48 hours in 4ºC or when the tissue sinks in the vial. After 48 hrs, transfer the tissue to 1X PBS at 4ºC for no more than two weeks.
    2. Labeling: Clearly label each specimen container with essential information, including the sample’s unique identifier, the fixative used, the timing of fixation, and any specific handling instructions. Accurate labeling expedites processing.
    3. Secure Packaging: Place fixed tissue containers in leak-proof, sturdy containers or bags to prevent any leakage during transit. Additional padding may be necessary to protect delicate specimens.
    4. Temperature Control: Ship fixed tissue specimens at the appropriate temperature, which may vary depending on the fixative used and specific requirements. Refrigeration or freezing may be necessary for some samples.
    5. Documentation: Include a detailed packing list or submission form with your shipment, listing all the specimens enclosed, their corresponding identifiers, and any specific tests or services requested.
    6. Timely Shipping: Expedite shipping to minimize the time the specimens spend in transit. Ensure that packages are scheduled for delivery during our operational hours.
    7. Shipping Address: Use the correct shipping address provided by our laboratory. Any discrepancies may result in delays or misrouting.
    8. Communication: Inform our team in advance about the shipment by email, including tracking information, to facilitate the tracking and receipt of your specimens.

    We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to providing you with high-quality histology services. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

    Thank you for choosing us as your histology partner.