Histology CRO

Histology CRO

We specialize in providing essential insights for pharmacological breakthroughs and drug discovery. Our state-of-the-art equipment, including the Keyence BZ-X800, Olympus VS120 Slide Scanner Slide Analyzer, Leica ASP300 S Tissue Processor, Leica HistoCore Arcadia H+C Instrument, Leica RM2255 Rotary Microtome, and more, empowers us to deliver precise results.

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    Histopathology CRO Services:

    Histopathology for In Vivo Animal Model Validation

    Our team conducts rigorous in vivo animal studies for drug effects, efficacy evaluation, and therapeutic assessment. Our studies encompass histology model validation and non-diagnostic histology services to ensure the relevance and reliability of your preclinical models.

    Pharmacodynamic Insights

    Unveiling pharmacodynamic biomarkers and effects to optimize drug formulations. Our dedicated team combines extensive experience with cutting-edge technology to provide you with unparalleled insights.

    Histological Analysis

    We offer precise tissue processing, slide preparation, and staining for comprehensive histological analysis. We employ the Leica ASP300 S Tissue Processor, Leica CM1900 Cryostat, and Leica RM2255 Rotary Microtome to ensure the highest standards of quality.

    Cutting-Edge Imaging

    Utilizing advanced imaging equipment like the Keyence BZ-X800, Olympus VS120 Slide Scanner Slide Analyzer, Zeiss LSM 980 Airyscan 2 and Leica Stellaris 8 FALCON for high-quality imaging. This enables us to capture the subtlest details and provide in-depth histopathological evaluations.

    Data Analysis

    We leverage advanced data analysis techniques to provide meaningful information for your research. Our team applies state-of-the-art tools to interpret and visualize your results accurately.

    Pharmacology Expertise

    Employing our pharmacological research expertise to drive drug development and screening. We’re committed to helping you navigate the complexities of preclinical research, ensuring your projects are on the path to success.

    Histology Price List

    Review our Histology Price List for current pricing for histopathology services including sectioning, cryosectioning, special stains, and more.

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