Pharmacokinetics CRO

Pharmacokinetics CRO

We conduct in vivo pharmacology studies to assess the efficacy of novel drugs. We utilize a range of animal models to investigate the intricacies of drug effects, dose-response relationships, and the significance of pharmacodynamics in evaluating drug efficacy. Through rigorous testing, we provide valuable insights into drug performance, helping you make informed decisions during the drug development process.

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    Comprehensive Pharmacokinetics CRO Services

    Understanding the intricate processes of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion is crucial for successful drug development. At Anilocus, we specialize in providing cutting-edge pharmacokinetics research services using animal models, enabling pharmaceutical Sponsors valuable insights into these fundamental aspects of drug behavior for their novel therapeutic.

    Our services encompass a wide range of pharmacokinetic parameters, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of drug performance and safety. We offer the following services:

    Evaluate the rate and extent of drug absorption using validated animal models, shedding light on factors influencing bioavailability and optimizing therapeutic outcomes.

    Investigate how drugs are distributed within the body, determining important parameters such as clearance, volume of distribution, and receptor binding interactions.

    Uncover the metabolic fate of drugs in animal models, identifying potential drug-drug interactions and guiding dose adjustment strategies.

    Assess the elimination pathways of drugs, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their clearance mechanisms and aiding in the assessment of safety and therapeutic index.

    Utilize advanced mathematical models to simulate and predict drug behavior, facilitating dose optimization, and enabling informed decision-making in drug development.

    Additional Services

    In addition to our core services, we also provide expertise for in vivo assessment of drug transporters in pharmacokinetics, drug-target interactions, therapeutic drug monitoring, and toxicology studies in animal models. Our comprehensive approach allows us to offer tailored solutions that are adaptable to your specific research needs.

    We are committed to delivering reliable pharmacokinetic profiling and analysis to accelerate your drug development process. Partner with us today and harness the power of animal models to unlock new therapeutic possibilities.

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    Regulatory Compliance

    GLP; non-GLP

    Study Purpose

    Drug Safety

    Study Duration

    Weeks to Months

    Animal Species

    Mouse, Rat

    Est. Research Budget