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Studying Sexual and Mating Behaviors in Rodents

Paced mating is a study of sexual behavior and mathing behavior in animal research. In such investigative studies, the female “sets the pace” for sexual interaction. AniLocus animal cages are designed and built to permit entry and exit by the female while the male is kept to one side of the cage.

All cages (with or without cameras) are sold separately from the cage dividers that can be used to accomodate multiple sized females while males are kept at a minimum weight that does not permit entry across the divider.

All cage dividers come in either clear/transparent (default) acrylic material. If you prefer a different color–please note this in the customer note upon checkout.

What We Offer at AniLocus

At AniLocus, we offer multiple-paced mating cage setups with and without cameras to monitor activity during the experiment.

  • Ventilated cage
  • Hinge cage closure
  • Anti-glare treatment to prevent camera glare during night-vision recording
  • Dual feeding and water provided on either side of the cage
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