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Unpacking Biologics: A Deep Dive into Biological Products and In Vivo Studies

Explore the world of biologics with Anilocus, as we delve into the complexities and potential of biological products. From in vivo studies to cutting-edge treatments, learn about our preclinical solutions for biopharmaceutical testing in animal studies.

What are biologics?

Biological products or ‘biologics’ have become a cornerstone of modern medicine, offering treatments and preventive strategies for many of the world’s most severe and complex diseases. At Anilocus, we aim to support your research and development efforts by conducting in vivo studies that provide comprehensive insight into biological products.

Biologics represent products that include vaccines, blood, allergenics, somatic cells, gene-based therapy, tissues, or recombinant therapies. These dynamic substances are derived from a variety of natural sources – human, animal, or microorganism – and can be composed of sugars, proteins, nucleic acids, or complex combinations of these substances.

How do biologics differ from traditional drugs?

In sharp contrast to traditional pharmaceutical drugs, which are chemically synthesized with a defined structure, biologics are intricate. They are not easily characterized due to the variability and complexity of their structures and functions. This diversity stems from the intricacies of the biological systems in which they are derived. Designed to closely mimic or influence the biological processes in the human body, biopharmaceutical products have the potential to treat and prevent diseases in more targeted and effective ways.

Comprehensive Biologics Testing and Quality Control

This complexity, however, also presents unique challenges in terms of manufacturing, regulation, and quality control. The production process of biologics is highly sensitive to changes in manufacturing conditions, requiring sophisticated techniques and stringent quality control measures. Additionally, the regulatory landscape for biologics is rapidly evolving in response to the novel technology utilized to develop biological products. This reflects the growing recognition of their potential, as well as the risks associated with their use in patients.

To support your team, Anilocus is here to provide a comprehensive understanding of biologics testing in animal models of disease.

What does Anilocus offer Sponsors developing biopharmaceuticals?

Our work has enabled our team to thoroughly conduct drug testing for biologics and drugs. Where we utilize personalized approaches that ensure the minimal requirements for pharmaceutical testing are completed to assess the efficacy and safety of biologics prior to First-in-Human clinical trials.

Our objective is to shed light on what sets biologics apart, and why they have been hailed as some of the most significant medical breakthroughs of our time. Whether you are a healthcare professional, scientist, or simply interested in understanding the evolving landscape of biopharmaceuticals, we intend to make this process informative and insightful as your team navigates the drug development process. 

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